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Each Plant requires specific quantity of water depending on the place, type of soil, climate and its own nature. The excess water when supplied becomes unutilized and goes waste creating other problems. Modern concept of Irrigation ensures slow, sustained release of water to a limited soil around the Plants. This supplies sufficient nourishment to the crops and conserves water to a great extent and saves the crops from harm ensuring full growth of the crops.

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AGS started its manufacturing unit in 1983 at Uvari in Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu. The Uvari manufacturing unit produced irrigation equipments and catered the market requirements in the southern districts of Tamil Nadu. As our products with its excellent quality and reliability became popular and demand of the products went up, a new modernized manufacturing unit was established at Chennai in 1992. Since then AGS has established its market covering the whole nation. In addition to drip irrigation equipments, it has been providing all other irrigation solutions also. More than One lakhs Acres of plantation has been covered in drip irrigation alone, where crops like Coconut, Mango, Citrus, Banana, Tea, Coffee, Cardamom, Cotton, Vegetables and Herbal crops are grown, giving excellent results.

The products manufactured in AGS are according to the specifications of Bureau of Indian Standard. Our products are approved by various State Governments in India, thus the farmers who have installed AGS products are eligible to get 65% Government subsidy.

AGS calls for a Green Revolution – come lets us make it happen by using modern irrigation systems.AGS provides complete solution for Residential, Landscape, Horticulture and Agricultural irrigation. We, in its development, designing, manufacturing and implementation put economical and effective water management as priority and water conservation and echo friendliness as guideline. Our expert groups work on the irrigation layout of every farm according to the local requirements and conditions to give the best irrigation solution and cultivation. AGS products are ISI marked ensuring quality of your investment.

Advantages of AGS irrigation system Go Top
  • AGS brings the latest technology in modern irrigation systems of the international standards and the solutions are addressed to the requirements of the new millennium.
  • In our Drip irrigation Loss due to evaporation, seepage and deep percolation are minimized.
  • Every drop of water is utilized for the intended purpose, thus growth of weeds and pests are avoided.
  • Applied nutrients are absorbed effectively by the crops through the system giving 60% more yield.
  • Conserve water from 40% to 70% thus 2 to 3 times more area could be effectively irrigated.
  • Systematic approach for faster growth to plants and timely yield.
  • With the modern approach large area could be irrigated at the same time.
  • Involvement of manual intervention and labor is cut to a great extent leading to significant cut in cost.
Vision of AGS Go Top
  • Having put in almost two decades of experience in the line, AGS Irrigation will be galloping further in the field of water technology, irrigation related solutions in Agriculture & other fields like Industry, Gas, Sewage, Piprline projects, Polution Control Equipments, Civil works etc., remarkably so as to establish its name & fame beyond boundaries of the country in near future & make place internationally notified on the global chart of Industrial sector.
  • Accordingly, our vision is to grow from "Mole to Mountain" rapidly as 'Sky is not linit' for us when world is village now-a-days
  • We are proud to be an Indian company having potential & sole confidence in our abilities to do so undoubtedly with firm and calculative leap forward, to diversify and overshadow the others by our quality conscious approach in focus on top priority always & secure edge over contemporary counter parts, rather than only quantity & huge turnover as these are secondary to us.
  • Customer's satisfaction by virtue of quality concept & after sales services are of paramount importance to us.
Mission of AGS Go Top
The "Dreamer" of this organization basically being the Son of the soil ,
AGS is determined of :-
  • The customer/farmer always in our focus as 'Customer is the king'.
  • To produce & provide quality material.
  • After sales services on dot right at the door step to our clientile.
  • Continous R & D to provide 'Tailor made' products with innovative concept to bring out with the best cost effective ratio in favour of the customer.
  • To expand the present field into multifold & diversify into off bit field as well to explore new horizons/avenues
  • No option to hard work with dedication in 'AGS' since timely fulfilment of commitement is our 'Religion'.
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